While you’re enjoying the sun in your garden, take a look at your roofline

Wow what a Summer we are having so far- stunning isn’t it?
Who needs to go abroad- after all we live in beautiful Wales and with weather like this – there is nowhere better!
So it’s barbecue time, gardening, pruning, watering plants, playing outdoors with the kids.
You just can’t beat it!
While you are out there – take a look up at your roofline!
Have your fascia boards seen better days- have your gutters given up?
If you don’t want to spend this precious outdoor time painting and maintaining your roofline ready for the Winter- how about considering replacing them with uPVC?
At Mac we have a stunning range of colours to suit all types of property- from Clean Classic White (this suits most homes) to Black Ash for a more traditional look.
Warm Woodgrains for that homely look and contemporary Greys for the more modern home.
You don’t need to sweat up a ladder- we take care of everything- from the first phone call right down to maintenance and cleaning for years to come.
I mean with the Football World Cup entertaining us all and Wimbledon around the corner- who has time for painting 


So- a long overdue update:

Our 18 years of experience has taught us that our customers happiness is just as important as the quality of work that they receive. If you’ve had any work done by our company and have a review you’d like to give us, then feel free to post one on Yell.com

If you visit Yell.com you will see all the brilliant reviews we have received! To top it, our customers rated us 5/5 stars. How impressive is that?

As most of us know, summer time is the time we all like to have barbecues, spend time with family and friends etc. Having something as simple as a fascia or gutter replacement could really spruce up the look of your exterior. We offer a brilliant range of colours. You can also chose from flat colours or wood grain style. (All within a great price range). Quality and affordability is always a thing we like to consider at Mac. We want you to receive the best and most affordable work possible.

If you’re thinking of having any work done why not now? In a few months it will soon be Christmas again, so most of us will be budgeting for that. Winter can be so unpredictable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your roof all safe and watertight with quality fascia’s, soffits and gutters? Now is the perfect time to contact us. Visit our website for more details. Happy summer !!

uPVC Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Yes I know- it’s not the most exciting of subjects- but- when your fascias and guttering start to fail- it’s got to be worth making sure that when you spend your hard earned cash replacing them- you only do it once?

There is only one way to do this job properly- strip back everything to the rafter feet- after all how else are you going to check whats going on behind and make sure you are going to get a good fixing for your new roofline?

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Fascias, Soffits, Guttering in uPVC

We are always really busy and work 50 weeks a year (we do allow ourselves a good break over Christmas !) So what you might ask- well – we have times of the year when we are REALLY BUSY and I mean so busy that we have to turn down work. This is frustrating because we like to be able to help everyone that contacts us.

What we find is that lots of people ring us when they are having big problems with leaking gutters and rotting fascias pulling down gutters. They tend to notice this more in the winter months when we have more rain and snow.

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Winter Is Coming… Check Your Guttering!

Yes it’s that time of year again. Darker nights, cold, wind, rain……. depressing eh!

All you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa with a good book or a nice film- warm and cosy…ahhh lovely. Then you look out of your window and see that mini water feature drip drip dripping…… ‘mmmm should have cleared out those gutters’- you think.

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