Roofline Advice

So here’s the technical bit!

Mac never covers over existing wooden roofline that is attached to rafter feet. We never have done and we never will do. We use only replacement boards and not covering boards, therefore they are designed to be strong enough to support your guttering as well as the first row of roof tiles.“What if my wooden fascias are solid?”

It doesn’t matter. They still need to come off.

covered fascia 1 roofline advice


Wood is a natural product, it contains moisture and needs to ‘breathe’. Covering it in UPVC will suffocate it and cause the wood to sweat. Covering causes rot.

rotten behind cappit board roofline advice

Why is this a problem?

Your fascia boards are fixed to the end of the roof rafter feet. If rot gets into your fascia boards it will eventually work its way up into your main roof timbers. Also. remember your gutters are fixed to your fascia boards, so if the fascia boards rot then your guttering will start to come away.

covered fascia 2 roofline advice

So, we strip everything off and that way we can get a good look at your rafter feet and check them and make any necessary repairs, before we start rebuilding the roofline in UPVC. You can then rest assured that all that area of your roof is solid and will keep rainwater out of your home for years to come.

rotten behind cappit board

Seriously, if you are thinking of covering, please take our roofline advice. It would be better for your roof not to do anything to your fascias rather than to cover them.