Experienced Roofline Installation

Freefoam registered installer All the installers that carry out the installations are experienced roofline installation ‘roofers/carpenters’.

Our focus is on providing top-quality products installed by experienced professionals.
Our reputation in the industry goes before us as one of the longest serving and largest experienced roofline installation companies in South Wales.

We offer, what we know to be, the best workmanship and the best products for the best prices.
We constantly research the UPVC roofline market, staying up to date with new developments.

We are registered Freefoam installers. Freefoam- an international uPVC roofline manufacturer- offers the best range of colours and products on the market. From Classic Whites to Contemporary Greys, Creams and Greens to Warm Woodgrain Effects. They also have the stunning Fortex range of exterior cladding which will transform any home.

The uPVC we use is manufactured using a more environmentally friendly calcium zinc formula, this also provides unbeatable colour fastness.

We love UPVC! It is maintenance-free, hard-wearing, and looks fantastic.

Not only does replacing your roofline with UPVC provide superior roof protection- but it also means no more climbing ladders to paint them! And, as you can see by our photo gallery – it really does give the outside of your home a facelift!

Give us a call now or complete our contact form– we will give you professional advice with no obligation.

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