Gutter Guards- Do they work?

So can gutter guards/brushes really keep your guttering clear and save you from having to clean them out yourself or hiring someone to do the job for you?

Listen – some people will rave about them and say they do a fantastic job- others not so much.
We can only tell you what our everyday experience is with them.

Not only are we professional uPVC roofline installers- but we also have a gutter cleaning and repair department. We are in our 19th year of business and do this work day in and day out.
So I guess you could say we are pretty experienced. Gutter Guards

The idea of a gutter guard is to prevent leaves and roof debris from actually entering the gutter space and blocking it up and therefore causing overflows and dampness.

The idea that putting something in your gutter to prevent something from blocking it seems slightly odd really- but this is what a gutter guard does. It sits in your gutter and supposedly stops leaves and debris from getting into your guttering.

Trouble is – we have yet to find a way to stop leaves falling or rain washing debris off your roof- so the leaves keep coming……..

They sit on top of the gutter guard and yes- we find- your gutters still get blocked.

We often get calls asking us to come and remove gutter guards and we have seen gutter guards blocked with leaves.
It’s a dilemma!

I think our conclusion here would be yes- they may help to keep leaves from blocking your gutters for a slightly longer period- however, there is no real getting away from it- leaves will
keep falling and gutters will need checking and clearing on a regular basis.