Winter Is Coming… Check Your Guttering!

Yes it’s that time of year again. Darker nights, cold, wind, rain……. depressing eh!

All you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa with a good book or a nice film- warm and cosy…ahhh lovely. Then you look out of your window and see that mini water feature drip drip dripping…… ‘mmmm should have cleared out those gutters’- you think.

Oh but the thought of going out there in the cold, dragging the ladders out of the garage, braving the wind as you slowly and fearfully climb the ladder, bucket and sponge in hand. Why put yourself through this? Give us a call- our qualified roofers are on hand to clear out, clean or even repair or replace your gutters.

I know… not exciting stuff but it’s got to be done- your gutters and fascias are keeping that pesky rain out of your house- quite important really! Look don’t leave the settee. Stay warm- just go to our website what we do and if you like the look of it-send us your details and we will give you a call back. We will give you a price for cleaning out your gutters- there and then- what could be easier? If its new fascias and gutters you’re after – stay where you are- we will pop out- take a look at everything and give you a fantastic price all in writing.

If you decide to use us- you won’t need to lift a finger- we will do it all. Then you can sit on your sofa- rain pouring down outside and smile -smugly!