Fascias, Soffits, Guttering in uPVC

We are always really busy and work 50 weeks a year (we do allow ourselves a good break over Christmas !) So what you might ask- well – we have times of the year when we are REALLY BUSY and I mean so busy that we have to turn down work. This is frustrating because we like to be able to help everyone that contacts us.

What we find is that lots of people ring us when they are having big problems with leaking gutters and rotting fascias pulling down gutters. They tend to notice this more in the winter months when we have more rain and snow.

So what’s your point you must be thinking? Well most people underestimate the damage that rotten fascia boards can do to their roof- so the message is don’t leave them until they are causing you problems because it may well cost you more in the long run because leaks in ceilings and rotten roof timbers then become part of the problem.

Keep an eye on your guttering- if you see any leaks or they could do with a clean out- call us now- save yourself long term damage. If your fascias and soffits are looking a bit worse for wear don’t just forget about them- they are hugely important unprotecting your roof.

Call now and get price for replacing them- just thin no more painting! Don’t leave it until it becomes an emergency and you then have to get someone out straight away. This may not be possible and while you are waiting for someone to call the damage gets worse.

So if you think your roofline could do with replacing but you will wait until it absolutely has to be done- think again- summer holiday time can be the best time to get this sort of work done- no hold ups with bad weather- better prices because no real damage done and best of all you get to enjoy the look of your new roofline while you are sat in your lovely summer gardens.

“A stitch in time saves nine” as my grandmother would say !