Roofline Products Barry

Many people don’t realise what their roofline does to shield their homes against the elements.

What are roofline products? They are the rainwater products that feature along the bottom of a home’s roof.

It usually consists of soffits, gutters and fascia boards.

Fascia boards run horizontally along the roofline. These close in the gap at the bottom of your roof tiles.

There are also soffits – soffits are there to fill in the gap going from the bottom of the fascia and onto the walls.

Soffits are there to protect a home against water ingress as well as to shield the roof timbers.

Gutters are then affixed onto the fixed to the fascia board and this then takes the plentiful supply of rain that we get (in Wales!) away from your premises and down into the down-pipes, which feed the water into the drains.

Problems arise due to a high percentage homes having wood fascia boards and soffits. Wood roofline requires frequent maintenance and treating/painting/cleaning in order to ensure that your home stays attractive and water tight.

Roofline maintenance is not work that many people want to take on themselves.

At Mac we specialize in the replacement of roofline. (Replacing in upvc). What this means is – provided it has been done properly – you will not need to paint your fascia and soffits or treat them ever again.

We use the best quality products and we also believe that not only do new fascia boards, soffits and guttering need to keep water out- but that they also have look good. (Done well –  new roofline really does give the outside look of the home a huge facelift!)

We provide a beautiful range of different colours and finishes- including everything from classic clean white to a more contemporary anthracite grey along with a selection of traditional wood grain effects.

It is so important to us that not only do you get the peace of mind that you have perfectly performing fascia, soffits and gutters- but that they also look fantastic and increase the appeal and value of your home.

Mac provides what we believe to be the best value- using truly reputable reliable professional roofline installers (who have been with Mac Roofline since the day Mac was founded almost 20 years ago). We have terrific value prices and guarantees as well as unrivalled customer service.

If you are considering replacing your fascia, soffits and guttering and you want some advice- then you need look no further. Look at our customer reviews and find out just what our customers think of us!

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