Gutter Repairs Bridgend

We’re a family-owned business and have been serving the residents of South Wales for more than 25 years. Our installation team members are all specialists in the field and all have been with us from day one. We are happy to provide advice and guidance; we only use products of the highest quality and you will find in our ‘Testimonials’ that customers are extremely pleased with our work and our value for money service.

Here are a few things you need to know about your roofline features and how we can help to keep them in tip-top condition. For each one we provide a range of colours and effect finishes and all our products are certified and carry two guarantees: our own and the manufacturer’s.

Fascias & Bargeboards

These are the boards on the front or back of a house which support the bottom row of tiles and carry the gutters. Understandably, they need to be up to the job as every second of a downpour means several gallons of water will be deposited into the gutters. Our fascias provide a high level of support and reliability.
Bargeboards are those on the gable end of a house and sit underneath the tiles. They also need to be weatherproof and ensure that there is no access to the roof void for birds etc. We stock a range of bargeboards to suit all needs and requirements.


These are the boards that run underneath the fascias. They need to have adequate and functioning ventilation vents to ensure that the roof void remains free of condensation. Our soffits will provide all the protection you need.

Dry Verge

The dry verge is the line of mortar which caps off the tiles at the gable end. It is highly susceptible to the elements. We can install a Upvc system that does not break down over time as ‘wet verge’ does and keeps water out of this very vulnerable part of your roof.


All your guttering, including downpipes, needs to be fit for purpose. Any blockages or loose fixtures will cause rainwater to over-run the system and run down walls rather than straight into the drains. We can repair, clean and replace.

Shiplap Cladding

An interesting feature but, again, highly susceptible to the weather and can be maintenance heavy. Our top quality cladding will give you peace of mind and no maintenance.

Thank you for your time in reading about our services. We can promise you our best attention at all times and we look forward to being able to discuss your needs and requirements with you.